GG Visits Fairy Hill Paper Project

Their Excellencies the Governor-General and the Most Honourable Lady Allen arrive at Nature's Handmade Paper in Fairy Hill.
The Fairy Hill Natures Handmade Paper Project, which I featured earlier here, yesterday hosted Their Excellencies, Governor-General, The Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen and Lady Allen as their islandwide tour took them through Portland. The modest gathering comprised members of the paper project, Fairy Hill Citizens' Association and local Justices of the Peace.

Gloria Dorman, project manager, led a tour of the facility which included a paper-making demonstration. The Governor-General was particularly impressed with the group's innovative use of recycled paper and local natural fibres in the creation of premium quality paper products. In his address to the group, he commended their resourcefulness and pioneering spirit. He also expressed a desire to see more communities in Jamaica employ this approach to solving the problems they face.

Here are a few photos I captured of the visit.

Entrance to the Fairy Hill paper project office.

Gloria Dorman, Nature's Handmade Paper Project Manager greets Sir Patrick Allen while Lady Allen looks on.

Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen and Lady Allen meet members of the Fairy Hill Citizens' Association.

Eulalee Cousins demonstrates the paper-making process.

Sir Patrick Allen addresses the small gathering

Cleo Bennett of the Social Development Commission continues the tour. 

Sir Patrick  and his team prepare for their departure.


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