The Wkndr Tv Highlights Portland

(via wkndr tv - The Wkndr Tv Kicks Back in Portland | iVu Tv) Source: ivutv.com
The talented folks over at the Wkndr Tv had the great idea to feature Portland in the popular weekend lifestyle series. As such, I was more than happy when they invited me to share some of my hometown's best offerings with them.

See the Portland episode embedded above as well as some behind-the-scenes shots captured during production.

Film crew captures the view from the Bonnie View Hill Hotel property

Wkndr Tv series host Donalee Curtis hanging out Dale Westin of the Errol Flynn Marina

The crew prepares to film a trip to the Blue Lagoon

Donalee makes a stop at Boston beach

Donalee, Kandice and O'rain relax in the Blue Lagoon after a long day of filming


~Orianne~ said...

Wonderful weather, we have here bad weather in Switzerland.



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