Fairy Hill Women Empowered through Paper-Making

Welcome sign to Nature's Handmade Paper Project office 
The Nature's Handmade Paper Project has been a mainstay of the Fairy Hill community in Portland for over 20 years. The project grew out of the 'coming-together' of a few women to create employment and skills training for women in the area. Today, the group still stands strong creating employment and training in the art of paper-making for women in the Fairy Hill community. Project participants use recycled paper and plant fibres to create a variety of paper products including; guestbooks, photo albums, greetings cards, notecards and envelopes.

Over the years, the project has found support in the United States Agency for International Development's (USAID) Rural Enterprise Agriculture and Community Tourism (REACT) project. Local hotels, craft vendors and tourists have been major patrons of the group's handmade paper creations.

I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting with them last week and got a glimpse of the paper-making process, thanks to the adept Julia Smith. Here are some highlights of that visit.
To make orders or for more information you can contact Project Manger, Gloria Dorman at 876-993-8172.   
Julia Smith of Nature's Handmade Paper Project expertly demonstrates the paper-making process

Julia adds water to shredded paper before blending

Julia examines the pulp

The pulp is set in a mold

Plant fibre is often added to the pulp

Finished product made by Nature's Handmade Paper Project

More products from Nature's Handmade Paper Project

Handmade note cards


YardEdge said...

i have heard so much about these ladies and the great work they have been doing. thx. for sharing!!

Renae Simpson said...

You're welcome! I grew up seeing these women make paper in our community all these years. I'm so proud of them.

jcanwisegrrl876 said...

Wow, these are gorgeous Ren. Some really cool cottage industries in Jamaica. Keep highlighting the ones in Portie :D

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