Free Winnifred Beach Benevolent Society Stages Peaceful Protest

Protestors gather in Port Antonio square.
If you were in Port Antonio this afternoon, you might have witnessed or participated in the peaceful demonstration organised by members of the Free Winnifred Benevolent Society, FWBS. The protest which got underway at about 12:30pm, was directed against the Urban Development Corporation, UDC, as part of the society's efforts to maintain free public access to Winnifred Beach.

Dozens of protestors marched through the Port Antonio square bearing placards and giving interviews to local media representatives in attendance.

Here are some photographs of the event, taken by Port Antonio photographer, Dr. Vidal Smith Jr.

Protestors marching through town centre.

Demonstrators being interviewed 


clearsight said...

Of course this beach should reamin open to the public. I completely support the protesters in their efforts to block this local "developement" venture.

Okestoe said...

Good for them! What else are they going to take from the locals? It kill me that we have to peek over a fence/wall the see some of the good Jamaica have to offer. I hope whover is trying to make the beech private, take notes and stop treating the Jamaican people like outsiders! Have a blessed Sunday Renae

Renae Simpson said...

Winnifred Beach is such a wonderful beach! It would be a shame if it's no longer accessible to the public.

Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart that Jamaicans cannot enjoy their own beaches anymore, because most of them are being bought up by resorts. Winifred is a beautiful, local, unspoiled beach...EVERYONE should be able to enjoy it. By everyone, I especially mean the local people...after all, it's THEIR island! It would be morally wrong to take this beach away from people who cannot afford to pay to take their families to beaches where an entrance fee is charged. Besides, Winifred would lose all it's charm, if the wonderful locals couldn't access it freely! Let's keep Winifred a beach ALL people can enjoy!

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