Port Antonio and Prêt-à-Portie Blog on Travel Channel International

I am delighted to learn that Travel Channel International chose to feature both Port Antonio and the Prêt-à-Portie blog in their recent "Its a Woman's World" series. The show follows host Camilla Andersen on her travels around the world as she meets and learns from local women.

This short video I've included shows part of her journey through Jamaica. Look out for the Port Antonio section which starts at 9:12. Enjoy!


YardEdge said...

Awesome! congrats!

Renae Simpson said...

Thanks Karin:-)

okestoe said...

Renae, your beautiful! That gap of your remind me of my sister. I was waiting for this video, love every minite of it...except the part with the girl dancing. I wish they had edit that part out. Anyhoo, it a part of Jamaica so hey! Portland is such a beautifull part of Jamaica, cant wait to visit. Wish you would blog more often....until next time god speed!

Renae Simpson said...

Thank u:-) I hope u get to visit soon and experience the beauty of Portland for yourself. Thanks for following. God speed to u 2!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Renae. Sorry I took this long to pick up on it. Lots of love and respect!

Wesley Gibbings

Renae Simpson said...

Hey Mr Gibbings! Thanks so much. Hope ur having a wonderful new year!

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