Have a Blessed Easter Weekend!!!

Winnifred Beach, Portland
If you happen to be in Portland this weekend, and find yourself at Winnifred Beach, you must try the food at Cynthia's on the Beach. Lunch was so good yesterday that I ended up taking more than enough photos to share with you.

Cynthia and "Painter" are at the restaurant every single day preparing and serving Jamaican breakfast and lunch dishes, until very late afternoon. Have a peek at the photos below. But don't take my word for it. Go taste for yourselves.

Delicious Jamaican fare prepared and served on the beach

"Painter" and Cynthia  in their restaurant at Winnifred beach


Ruthibelle said...

boy ren, that look good!! And is early morning and ppl hungry tooo enuh ... not nice.. but lookin good nonetheless

Renae Simpson said...

Thanks Ruthie. Sorry, but I've just got to share the goodness. lol!!

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