Ensemble Otodama :: Jazz Fusion in the Park

Ensemble Otodama in concert at Neville Antonio Park, Port Antonio.
Yesterday was a real treat. Nothing compares to seeing the delightful Jazz-fusion trio, Ensemble Otodama, perform against the background of a magnificent Portie sunset. It was truly magical. It's a pity they couldn't play for longer and that more people didn't turn up for such a special event.

The show started on time and before I knew it, almost 2 hours had passed. It's true...time does seem to fly when you're having fun. Also in attendance was former Bob Marley and the Wailers singer, Earl "Chinna" Smith, whose impromptu collaboration with Ensemble Otodama gave true meaning to the term jazz fusion.

I'm truly pleased that Rosina Moder of Music Unites! had the inspiration to initiate such a venture with Portland Rehab. Management Homeless Shelter and the Japanese Embassy. Now I'm looking forward to the encore!!!

Welcome greetings by Portland Mayor His Worship Floyd Patterson (l)& Japanese Ambassador to Jamaica His Excellency Hiroshi Yamaguchi (r)

Erika Sato (double bass), of Ensemble Otodama

Ryoji Yamaguchi (guitar), founding member of Ensemble Otodama

Takashi Kaneko (percussion)

The modest gathering of supporters listens to the Jazz fusion trio


Terry said...

thanks for these great shots, to further remember that idyllic evening. it is such a wonderful setting; hope it attracts more simple but exquisite acts like this.

Renae Simpson said...

You're welcome Terry. Yes, I really hope so too.

Harvest Girl~ said...

oh yes I love them.. thank you so much for sharing~

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