Friends + Food = Fun!

Blue Lagoon, Portland
This holiday weekend has been wonderful, and I'm fueled and ready to get back to the serious stuff...like work.

I had fun catching up with old friends and welcoming new friends to Port Antonio. Also, I took the opportunity to indulge (again) in the tasty, gooey-goodness of some Woody's veggie cheese-burgers. Always delightful!!!

I'm particularly pleased to learn that I have inspired some of you to explore the treasure that is Port Antonio. Keep coming and be sure to spread the word!

Woody's 'genuine' veggie cheese-burgers

Inside Woody's Place, Drapers Portland

Keresa and Simone are eager (but cautious) for a ride on the Blue Lagoon

With Benton, you're in very good hands!


Keresa said...

Portland was so much fun. Thanks again Ren. Would not have been able to enjoy it so much without your help. Plus, I wouldn't have chosen Portland if it wasn't for your blog, so keep blogging!!

God Bless!

Ruthibelle said...

Ahh this looks so lovely and inviting!! Awesome!

Renae Simpson said...

Thanks chicas!!! Can't wait for the Print Alliance to visit.

jcanwisegrrl876 said...

I can't wait either Ren! Great blog, btw. Makes me want to live in Portie... I might retire there after I make my millions and win my Nobel and Pulitzer (and Oscar, but no tell nobody!) Your photogrpahy really shines - as always, and you should definitely approach some travel magazines about a contract. I'm sure you'd be a hit.

Renae Simpson said...

Thanks Tracey and hurry up with the accolades so I can get bragging rights:-)

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