Big Love for Rio Grande

photo showing two raft captains rowing down the rio grande with mountains in background
Our very able raft captains.
I thought it fitting for the lovely couple to experience the grandeur of the Rio Grande, so we went rafting today. It was perfect!!! There were just enough clouds to shade us from the mid-morning sun, without the rain which would have put a damper on the entire trip.

We made the requisite stops by Miss Betty's stall for Red Stripe beer and Rum Punch, and again about mid-way downstream for swimming and a photoshoot of sorts (these two love the camera..in case it isn't yet obvious).

I've never seen two and a half hours go by so quickly, and before we knew it we were at Rafters Rest disembarking our rafts, after what felt like a massage for the soul.

Ms Betty offers up some Red Stripe beer & home-made rum punch. Cousin L and T.

Some favourites from the photoshoot on the river.

Approaching the bridge at Rafters Rest.


YardEdge said...

Love love love rafting on the Rio Grande...it's like being in another world! Haven't been in ages need to go again soon...

Renae Simpson said...

You're right...such an 'otherworldly' experience! Come again soon:)

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