Pellew Island Escapade...

This week has been truly awesome. Cousin L and her fiancé are visiting from Connecticut, so I have a really good reason to drop everything and play the gracious hostess. What this really means is that I get to live like a tourist for a week. After all, how else will they get around, and who will see to it that they get the best rates for the beaches, boat rides and falls?

Anyway, rides and admission fees aside, I must admit I've fallen in love with Portie all over again. Yesterday, we took a boat ride to Pellew Island, or Monkey Island, as we say around here. We snorkeled, swam the Blue Lagoon and I finally mustered the courage to swim from Pellew Island to the beach at San-San. Yay me!!!

It was a day well spent and by sunset we were heading home, exhausted but satisfied, from too much swimming, delicious food, wonderful people and a bit too much rum.


Harvest Girl~ said...

so beautiful~ ur a wonderful host

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