Irie Vibes at Fiwi Sinting

On the inspiration of my friends Marc & Line, I braved the weather and went to the Fiwi Sinting festival at Somerset Falls yesterday. Though I got there late...well, very late, and Somerset Falls lived up to its rainforest-esque tradition (yes, whole heap a rain)...I'm glad I went.

There were still a couple of good performances left before the show would end...and most importantly, I got to sample some genuine Ital cuisine. My most marked observation, however, was the very strong Rastafarian representation at the festival. I've never before seen such a huge gathering of Rastas...and I loved it.

All in all it was a great experience. I got a renewed appreciation for Jamaican culture, met up with a few friends and met some wonderful, interesting people. I think I'll do it again next year.


Makiedah said...

I am headed to JA in May and would love to visit Portland can you recommend places to stay and things to do that time of year? I'm a yaadie.

Renae Simpson said...

Hi Makiedah:
Thanks for visiting. I'll email you some suggestions if you send me your email address. Looking forward to hearing from you.

sim said...

Hi,thanks for creating this blog. I always thought my home was the best hidden beauty of the island. Would like to see more feature on event similar to fiwi sinting like the Maroon festival in mooretown, boston jerk festival etc. Good luck.

Renae Simpson said...

Thanks for stopping by sim:-) I agree. Port Antonio is so special, and there's so much happening here. We just have to get the word out. Blessings!

gbhntgfhgfguhg said...

hi i love ur pics, im getting married at somerset in december wat r ur rates like? my fiance is also from portland

Renae Simpson said...

Somerset Falls will be wonderful for your wedding. Send me an email at pretaportie@gmail.com with the details and I'll respond. Thanks:-)

Harvest Girl~ said...

I love fiwi.. havent been yet. yet def trying to make it to the next one.. maybe even vend..

you def got me wanting to relocated to portie~ HOw is the rent situations out there?

Foreigner in JA said...

Visit Fi Wi Sinting 2013 - Sun 17th Feb at Somerset Falls ... learn more at www.fiwisinting.com

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