A Cultural Journey From Africa to Jamaica

A section of the audience at the Great Huts Resort.
This past Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Great Huts resort to see their cultural show. It was a Saturday night well spent and I'm still indebted to my friend Terri who emailed me about the show.

A visit to Great Huts itself is always a treat, but in addition, the local treasure that is the Manchioneal Cultural Group took the audience on a musical journey from Africa to Jamaica. The group, performing for over 30 years, started off the journey with traditional folk dances which have their roots in Africa. These included Brukins, Dinki Mini, Kumina, Quadrille and Maypole. The journey continued with Ska and Rocksteady then on to Jamaican popular dances. The show was informative, engaging and the dance forms masterfully executed. I regret only that I didn't capture it all on video.

The good news is that there will be many opportunities for you to see them perform live as they're at Great Huts in Boston every other Saturday from 7pm-9pm. Make an effort to see them, it'll be worth it!      

Artwork on display at Great Huts by (Top) Kenyan artist Mazola & (bottom) Jamaican artist Nakazzi Hutchinson

(left) Great Huts owner Dr. Paul Rhodes welcomes the audience. (right) Manchioneal Cultural Group leader Richard Derby.

Members of Manchioneal Cultural Group in performance

Manchioneal Cultural Group in performance

Some of the younger members of the cultural group in performance


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