Port Antonio Welcomes "It's a Woman's World" Film Crew

Dean and Tom film Camilla as she arrives at my house.    (Neville Reid Photo)            
This past weekend was especially thrilling.

Europe's Travel Channel International was filming in Port Antonio for its upcoming, "It's a Woman's World," travel documentary series. The series which will feature four (4) exotic locations; Turkey, South Africa, The Philippines and Jamaica; is unique to the "Travel Show" genre as it introduces viewers to each country from the perspective of the local women encountered.

As such, I met with host Camilla Andersen and the Woman's World crew, and introduced them to some of my favourite Portie attractions and activities to be featured in the Jamaica episode of the series. Our tour included a trip to my alma mater, Titchfield High School, a visit to one of Port Antonio's most gifted nail artists and lunch at Cynthia's at Winnifred beach. It was satisfying to know that the group enjoyed Port Antonio and easily declared it their favourite parish.

It's a Woman's World is expected to be aired in October 2011. Until then, I've included some behind-the-scenes shots of the day's filming.
Filming continues at Titchfield High School while Producer Julia look on.     (Neville Reid Photo)

(Neville Reid Photo)

Navy Island as seen from Titchfiled High School.     (Julia Cornes Photo) 

Jamaican-inspired nail art as done by Kimesha. (Photos by Julia Cornes). 


okestoe said...

Awwww good look Portland! I hope they send you a video, to post on the blog. Great job as always! Looking forward to more threads and pics. Btw, the nail technician did a great job!

Renae Simpson said...

Thank u:-) Yeah, I'm looking forward to the video and I'll be sure to share it.

Yan said...

Wonderful. That is such good news. Keep it up Renae. Always love to see your progress :) hugs!

Renae Simpson said...

Thanks Yan:-)

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