Portland's Own 'Charlie Brown'

Welcome sign to Charlie Brown's Williamsfield workshop/showroom.
Long before I met Astley "Charlie" Brown, I was admiring his impressive craftsmanship and intricate carving designs at the Great Huts property in Boston Bay. So naturally, our meeting this past summer was not only inevitable but long overdue.

On a good day, one can find Charlie carving, sanding or painting his wooden creations in his Williamsfield workshop/showroom or beneath the shade of the mangrove-lined Turtle Crawle Harbour. Either way, he and his carvings are hard to miss. The self-taught artist who works primarily with Cedar and Lignum Vitae has been honing his craft since the late 1970s producing original handmade items for clients world-wide. Not to be outdone anytime soon however, Charlie credits the source of his inspiration, "I see my creations first in my mind then I transfer them to wood." Any examination of his work will prove he has mastered this process.

So next time you're passing by feel free to stop and have a look or give Charlie a call at 1-876-850-5829.

Clients admire Charlie's work

Charlie outside his workshop/showroom at the end of his workday.

More wonderful Charlie Brown creations


yardedge said...

Great post! Lovely work! Thanks for sharing...

Prêt-à-Portie said...

Thanks Karin...ur welcome:-)

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