Western Hiatus at Teamwork Associates

I haven't Portie blogged in quite some time, but with good reason. Over the last couple of months I've had the wonderful opportunity of working with some of the visionaries at Teamwork Associates in Montego Bay. Yup...good things do happen in the west after all:-))

Teamwork Associates, the brainchild of Pastor Menzie Oban, was born out of a desire to prevent rather than rehabilitate delinquency in at-risk youth. This, after years of doing prison ministry work across the island. Today, the mandate continues to be fulfilled through the Teamwork Church and School with over 150 students enrolled in Kindergarten, Preparatory, Special Education and High School departments. You can read more here.

It's an experience I'll cherish forever and while the property offers the most amazing panoramic ocean views ever, Port Antonio beckons and I must comply.


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