Latin Jazz at Goblin Hill Villas

A Section of the spectacular Lobby at Goblin Hill Villas
Last Friday evening I had what was unarguably the best start to an awesome weekend. For starters, the grounds at Goblin Hill Villas is possibly one of the best places to welcome a late Portie afternoon. I've been visiting this property since I was a little girl, and its always been magical and mesmerizing. 

Then, as if that weren't enough, there was Samuele Vivian. The Italian guitarist, who is in Port Antonio on the invitation of music enthusiast Nishan, has established himself as a master performer and instructor of Jazz guitar. He is here in Jamaica as a guest lecturer at Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts (EMCVPA) in Kingston. Nonetheless, his poolside performance was brilliant and left everyone wanting more. Unfortunately, I missed his encore performance on Saturday, but am looking forward to listening to him again this Wednesday afternoon.

I think its safe to say that we're all grateful to Nishan, who is always looking to share her musical finds with Port Antonio. This was definitely another winner!    

Samuele Vivian skillfully delights the audience

Patrons gather poolside at Goblin Hill

Deniece Williams, Asst. Manager at Goblin Hill Villas

Sydoney Massop of Geejam Hotel and Nishan smile for the camera.

Sydoney and Rosalie Goodman clearly enjoying Samuele's performance.


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Compliments for your blog and your pictures included, I invite you to see the photo blog,

Each week released a new album

Greetings from Italy


Renae Simpson said...

Grazie, Marlow. I sure will:)

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