Earth Day is Everyday at Kanopi House

Almond Tree House exterior
Yesterday was Earth Day. So, it was perfectly fitting that I'd spend the afternoon at beautiful Kanopi House. As with all treasures, this property has an elusive quality to it, being cleverly tucked between the Dragon Bay hotel and the villa-lined bay of the Blue Lagoon. Once you've found it though, you realise you've struck gold. This gem features six eco-friendly tree-houses all made and bearing the names of regional hardwood; Spanish Elm, Sweetwood or Almond Tree.

The entire trip was an other-wordly experience for me, even by Port Antonio standards. However, the highpoints of my visit were the outdoor shower at the Spanish Elm house, everything about the Almond Tree house and the view from the main dining area. A picture may say a thousand words, but nothing beats seeing it in person. I really hope you get a chance to see first-hand.

All in all, I'm immensely grateful to Jacqui Neil, property manager, for the invitation and also for being such a gracious hostess. Its one Earth Day I won't soon forget.

(l)The Canopy-lined road leading to Kanopi House. (r) Yellow Poui flowers on the way to Kanopi House 

(l) Outdoor shower (r) View of Tree Houses

View from main dining area of neighbouring Blue Lagoon Villas and Monkey Island.

Room interior

Section of Almond Tree House Interior


YardEdge said...

Love Porti too!! So glad I found your blog...gonna check out your other stuff and link to YardEdge.

Can you link to YardEdge too?

Thanks much!

Renae Simpson said...

Hey!!! Thanks for stopping by:-) Excellent...I'll link YardEdge. You've got a gr8 blog too.

Harvest Girl~ said...

love portland.. its one of my fav places

Renae Simpson said...

Come back soon Harvest Girl:)

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