Have a Fab Weekend

View of Navy Island and Port Antonio's West Harbour. Photographed at Bonnie View Hill.
This week went by so quickly. I guess because it was one of the most powerful and productive I've had in a long time. Now, I'm looking forward to the weekend and something tells me it'll be quiet, but special nonetheless.

If you can't be in Port Antonio, I'm still wishing you a Prêt-à-Portie Weekend:-)



Ruthibelle said...

BUt yuh bright eeh?? What yuh mean 'if you can't be in Portie', as if you sorry fi we!! We alright where we deh!

But thanx for the wishes, and giiiirrl, let me tell you, your photography skills are insanely AWESOME! Great pics! Makes me wish I was in Portie too (confession is good for the soul, right?)

You and your Portie have yourselves a terrific weekend as well...

Renae Simpson said...

DWL!!! Cho man, yuh know what I mean:-)) Thx for the lovely compliment...and the blog luv Ruthie dearest.

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