Announcing the Adi Shakti Project

These women listen intently as Mangal Jot reminds them of the virtues of womanhood.
Something powerful happens when women gather, join hearts and sit in a circle around a common purpose. All 20 of us women witnessed this on Monday in Commodore, when we attended Mangal Jot Kaur's afternoon Tea Party to celebrate International Women's Day.

Mangal Jot also used the opportunity to announce the launch of the Adi Shakti Project: Women Serving & Empowering Women and The Guru Ram Das Healing Centre's officially becoming a place for women. Each woman in turn shared parts of her story with the group, and her vision for the project and/or herself. It was easily the most meaningful and memorable Women's Day celebration for me...ever. 'Twas Amazing!!!

On a lighter note, the teas were wonderful (especially the cranberry mix from Germany), and the pastries: delectable and divine.

See if you get the picture...hehe:-)

Arlene Passley of Aya-Wear with friend Kukuwa Abba.

Julia Butterfly Hill and Milena Fraccari of the What's Your Tree Foundation.

The chocolate-filled croissants were a hit with everyone.

Cecile and Nadine share ideas over pastries.

Nabu is thrilled to be the lone male guest.


Harvest Girl~ said...

haha... the only male guess is Nabu.. how cute..

this is wonderful sis.. higher heights when the empress them ah join

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