Portland JerkFest 2010

Patrons eager to sample the jerked fare at yesterday's festival.
I'm not fond of large gatherings, so maybe you'll understand why yesterday was only my second time attending the Portland Jerk Festival. It was everything I imagined and more. Lots and lots of people, food, sun, smoke, people, food and so on.

I'll admit that I do miss having the festival in Boston, where I'd sit and watch thousands of patrons go to and fro' and listen in on the performances without ever setting foot outside of my yard. Still, I think the Folly Estates venue eliminates the problem of parking for sure, so I'll concede on that basis...only.  

If you're one of the Two Hundred or so people who didn't come out for the festival yesterday then see photo highlights below:)  

More delectable jerked offerings. 

These young friends combat the heat with snowcones

Byron Lee's Dragonaires in performance

(l) Emcee Jennifer "Jenny-Jenny" Small with giveaways for the audience (r) Byron Lee's Dragonaires 

Section of the audience at Portland Jerk Festival

Parking at Folly Oval


YardEdge said...

Very cool! I almost made it...thx. for sharing.

Gonna link to it on YardEdge!

Prêt-à-Portie said...

Sorry u missed it:( Thx for the link.

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