Loads of Love for Louise

The charming & witty Louise Williams
I like to think that everyday is a great day. And while there are days when it's not so easy to see evidence of this, last Saturday wasn't one of them.  It was a perfect day for a luncheon at the breathtaking Norse Hill in San San and everyone who helped Jennifer Poirier celebrate her mom's, Louise Williams', 94th year felt it too. Friends and loved ones came together under the massive Ficus tree for a delectable buffet, laughter and the outpouring of love for the Portie matriarch.

I thought I'd share some of my favourite photos of the event while I look forward to doing it again next year:)

Spectacular view of Alligator Head from Norse Hill

(top left) Mr and Mrs Lawson welcome Nellie Walker; (top right) Howard and Georgia Pottinger 
(bottom left) Jennifer Poirier, Syreta and Sydoney Massop; (bottom right) Mrs McKenzie in conversation with Mr & Mrs. Wiggins

(top left) Alma, Jean and Wayne of Norse Hill; (top right) Bill & Gainelle Bailey 
(bottom left) Betty Narcisse makes a point to Dr. Terry Hall; (bottom right) Jennifer shares a funny story

(L) Rev Grace prepares to sample the delightful selection. (r) Brandon and Rohan Lawson lounging after lunch


Syreta's Healing Hands said...

That was a beautiful day filled with love,laughter and great company. Great photographs.

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