A Portie Teachers' Day Surprise

Kaspar and Jillian of Dekal Internet Cafe.
Yesterday, my friend Syreta and I decided to give ourselves a mid-morning treat to some goodies at Dekal Internet Cafe. Thing is, I got way more than the caffeine fix I was craving.

An outstanding group of grade-six students from Boundbrook Primary school had the great idea to give their teacher Dian Vidal a Teachers' Day treat she won't soon forget. Ms Vidal, who thought she was invited to the cafe to meet with a parent, was obviously moved when she arrived and found instead eight very appreciative students bearing gifts, certificates and very big smiles. I'm so thrilled I was there to witness it and that Syreta had the presence of mind to capture some of it on her video camera. It was all wonderful to see but everyone in the cafe was especially touched by the students rendition of "You Raise Me Up," impressively accompanied by little Twayne Gray on keyboard.

Its encouraging to see that some teachers...and parents, still do get it right!!!  

Mid-morning treat.
Kaspar helped to create this memorable moment for Teacher Dian Vidal and her students:
Twayne Gray, Javair Haynes, Lloyd Baugh, Jahleel Forrester, Alecia Bowyer, Christina Robinson, Shauna-Kay Murray and Kaveed Brown. Photos by Syreta Massop.

Students perform "You Raise Me Up" while Twayne Gray plays on keyboard.


Syreta @ Syreta's Healing Hands said...

This was surely a beautiful day. Teachers we know that is hard financially at the moment but you are greatly needed and appreciated.

jcanwisegrrl876 said...

Aaaaaaawwwwww! How sweet :-) It's really great to see something like this, especially given the turmoil the teachers are currently facing with Wutliss Gov't.

Renee said...

wow ren, thanks so much for sharing this!! i am going to share it too. :-)

Renae Simpson said...

Its was a pleasure to see. Truly beautiful. Please do share Ren:-) Thank u.

Harvest Girl~ said...

this was great.. Love it

Renae Simpson said...

thank u Azmera:)

millerlite said...

Ladies, thanks very much for sharing. I am really inspired by these children in their appreciation for their teacher.

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