On Jamaican Creative Expressions

It's a given. Jamaicans are creators. Everyday we bring something into being out of nothing.

I saw this again last Sunday when I attended an art exhibition at Goblin Hill Villas. There was certainly a great deal of beauty in the creative expressions of Monique's nature photography, Dr Teddy Smith's landscape photography and the wearable art of Bridget's Sandals. Also on display were works by local artists; Kenroy Maxwell, Mark Bell, Eneil Howard, Hopeton Cargill, Clive Passley, Nishan and Marguerite Gauron. It was a truly wonderful display of talent.       

Come Monday morning, however, I was forced to acknowledge the other side of the coin: another less inspiring kind of creative expression.

Theories abound as to how we got here. The essential point for me though, is that the events of this passing week have also been the result of someone's (or many person's) creative efforts. This didn't just happen.   

And so, if nothing else, my hope is that we will come to appreciate this tremendous capacity that we have to create, and also the importance of choosing our creations wisely. So, when you feel like there is nothing that you can do, remember that the same energy that incites fear, chaos and hopelessness can be used to nurture and inspire love, hope and optimism also. Let's take our birthright seriously.

Macro photography by Monique

Wide selection of Bridget's Sandals on display

A patron tries Nishan's handmade jewellery

Art lovers gather for the creative display 

Harmony Band creating lovely Mento music for the evening


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and couldn't agree more. FYI, we've created a new site for discussion on what's happening in Ja today: wwww.jamaicadebate.com

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